How to Come up with Blog Topic Ideas You Haven’t Used Before

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Successful content marketing includes a steady stream of fresh content for your website’s blog. How do you come up with engaging blog ideas that keep people coming back for more?

You not only want to keep people engaged, but you also want your content to be shareable. Any content creator can tell you that it’s a challenge to keep coming up with relevant, interesting content with the potential to go viral.

Before you feel like you’ll never have enough ideas to maintain a successful blog, here are our tips to keep generating blog topics ideas.

1. Source Your Clients

What do your customers want to know? What are the questions you hear most often from clients?

Gather information from your clients for blog content ideas. You want your blog posts to answer common questions to help your content rise in search engine results.

Using your clients for inspiration is an excellent way to keep up with what people want to know about in your area of expertise.

2. Ask Questions Using Quora

Quora.com is an excellent research tool that’s tuned in to the most searched keyword in your industry.

When you find or hear words or phrases from clients or others in your networking circles, type those words into Quora. Conversations, questions, and answers will show up in response to the words you search.

Use those conversation topics to generate blog topics and content.

3. Use Social Media

Join groups on social media that relate to your niche or industry. Interact with others in the group, and take notice of questions or topics of conversation in the group.

Crowdsourcing can be a big help when searching for your next blog topic. Writing about what you think is important might not gain as much traction as creating content around what customers or potential new clients want to read.

4. Do a Hashtag Search

Using Twitter or Facebook, search for common hashtags that relate to your business.

If you’re a lawyer, try searches for topics like #lawsuit, #legaldefense, #injurylawyer, or anything that relates to the type of law your practice. Monitoring social media chatter that relates to what you do can provide a wealth of blog ideas for your website.

5. Repurpose With a Different Take

Reading blogs from competitors or others in your industry can help you find new ways to approach a topic.

To stand out, switch the approach from what you find on other blogs. If you see “10 Ways to DO” something, create a blog about the “10 Ways NOT to Do” something.

Covering similar topics in a different way than your competitors can help differentiate you from the rest of your field.

Don’t Stress About Blog Topics Ideas

Don’t stress. Once you realize the many resources at your fingertips, you’ll see topics ideas almost everywhere you look.

As you create content, make sure it’s easy to find! Let us help you write with SEO in mind to get your message out to the world. Click here to schedule us for a free consultation!

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