Do My Reviews on Google Affect My Ranking in Search?

my reviews on google

Will my reviews on Google affect my search engine ranking? There are two answers to that question.

No—with a “but.” And yes—with an “if.”

Reviews are only one factor in website ranking so, yes, reviews—positive or negative—do have the ability to affect your search engine rankings. Reviews are classed as web user behavior. This is one of the intrinsic factors in how and where Google positions your website in the SERPS.

Reviews need to be looked at in the overall context.

Let’s dive into these thoughts more.

No—With a “But”

Google no longer counts your backlinks, Google reviews, or your mentions on social media.

Google uses big data and personal information collected from Google search engine use, YouTube use, and data it collects from Chrome. It also uses your information to tailor your searches, which means even if you enter the same search terms into Google, you may receive different results to the person on the computer next to you.

How Does This Relate to Google Reviews?

The fact is that Google will rank up your website or WordPress blog if they can make money from it, and if it draws people to your website.

Let’s say you get voted the best company in the area with thousands of positive Google reviews. Now, thousands of people start searching for your website. In that case, Google will rank you up to the top because it draws those people to their search engine.

Now, let’s say you are the worst company in the area and you have thousands of negative Google reviews. People are searching for your company to leave bad reviews, to get advice on how to get refunds, and so forth. Google is still going to rank you to the top of search engine results because people are searching for you.

Yes—With an “If”

Google wants you to click on its links.

If your website is at the top of the Google search engine results, yet nobody is clicking on your website, then it is in Google’s interest to rank you down.

Do People Read My Reviews on Google?

Have you ever Googled a website, seen its terrible Google reviews, and decided against clicking on it?

This is not unusual. People read Google reviews when they are dealing with companies they don’t know. If your Google review score is very low, then some people will not even read the reviews.

Instead, they will search for another company. In such a case, your website doesn’t receive clicks, so Google ranks you down.

Understand How the System Works

Do my reviews on Google affect my search engine ranking?

They do if your reviews are actively turning people away from your business. However, on the same note, just because you have negative Google reviews doesn’t mean Google will automatically rank you down—it may even rank you up.

Understanding why this is the case is important. The key takeaway, however, is that Google reviews may affect your website’s popularity, but Google will not penalize you personally for having negative Google reviews.

Our years of experience with Google is the reason why we understand their workings. If you are looking for more information on SEO and how it can improve your website ranking, contact us for a free consultation.

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