Discover How a Professional Web Designer Can Help Grow Your Business

Whether you are starting a new website or upgrading an existing one, you want it to be great. When you are using it to sell product and services, it needs to be professional, to bring in customers and keep them there.

A great website needs to look professional and be user-friendly. Although it doesn’t have to eat up your entire budget, that doesn’t mean you should cut corners. Just because your aunt took a course in web design at the Learning Annex doesn’t mean she’s the best choice for the job.

Professional web design shows. It needs to reflect you and your company, have all the necessary components, and work to your advantage. Let’s take a close look at a few things you need to know about a great website and how a professional web designer can make that happen.

Professional Web Designer

A professional web designer and a professional web developer have different jobs. The developer is the one who builds the platform for the website to go on. The designer is the one who makes it look nice. They use text and graphics to add to a space the developer has built for them.

While there are people who often do both of these jobs, it’s the designer role we are talking about today.

If we think about it in terms of clothing, one person makes the material, and the other person makes the dress. Technically, one person could do both, but they often don’t.

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer

While adding a few pictures to your website is a good start to launching your business blog, you need to get professional help if you are serious about making money.

User-Friendly Site

Nothing will send potential clients running faster than a complicated website. In today’s world where everything is in our hands instantly, we want it now.

Paula Poundstone once said, “We live in a time where we can stand in front of the microwave yelling, ‘Hurry up!'”

Site visitors need to be able to navigate the site easily and find the things they want. The designer will know where best to put all the information so the visitor can find it right away. It’s very important that they can quickly find this kind of information:

  • Location
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Prices
  • How to order a product or service
  • About you or your company

It’s vital for visitors to your website to be able to find this information quickly. For example, there is nothing more frustrating than clicking around on the products of a site for 10 minutes just to find out you are 3 states away.

Saves You Time

If you are just starting out in business, you want to spend your time focusing on the business. A professional web designer will set up your website so it does exactly what it is supposed to do: generate income.

You don’t want to have to spend a lot of time making adjustments or worrying about the site after you lanch. Plus, a pro is usually capable of doing post-launch things, such as adding content like product updates, sending out notices, publishing your blog, and keeping clients informed.

When the website is designed correctly and efficiently, the rest of your business runs smoothly. You won’t waste time and money trying to do damage control because something went wrong on the site.

Visually Appealing

A professional web designer will work with you to find exactly what you need for your website. They understand what works for certain products and services. They are paid to know these things.

They will make your site look great and professional by using captivating graphics and colors, adding in your logo or brand, and making it all streamlined to work for you. This will result in a very unique website that communicates your brand throughout every page.

It’s challenging to come up with something unique on your own, especially if you are in a business where there is a lot of competition. People searching for a bakery or a landscaping business are looking for something that stands out and catches their attention among all of the choices.

Stay in the Lead

When you are in business competing with a lot of similar businesses, it can be challenging to stand out. That is exactly what the professional web designer will help you to do.

They know how to set up your website so you are the first one people see when they do an internet search in their area. Then, when they click on your website, they see right away exactly what you are offering.

The proper SEO content will increase traffic to your site and increase sales. Plus, they may keep you up-to-date on all the new trends, help you maintain the site, and offer to add any new tools or upgrades as they come on to the market.

All Connected

A website designer can even advise you on things like social media, showing you how to connect all your social media accounts together from a design perspective. This is the perfect way to get strong branding, as you will have the same themes and designs for all these platforms. The visitors to your website will appreciate that your brand flows from your site to your social media accounts.

It’s all about getting your brand and your name public.

Staying current and always moving forward are the best ways to use your website and media to grow the business. The designer can set it up to do all of that for you. Make it easier on yourself to do business online.

By Design

Your website is an online version of you and your company. It is often the main way people can reach you, so you need that to work well. People get frustrated easily. If they can’t navigate the website or can’t find what they need right away, they are gone.

A professional web designer will take all of your business matters into account when they make your site. They know where to put things, what works where, why certain things work, and why some just don’t.

If you are wondering if you should get a website or upgrade the one you have, then you probably should! You can contact us for more information or set up an appointment. You can also request a demo. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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