5 WordPress Best Practices in Watauga, TX Every Developer Should Know

Are you a web developer in Watauga, TX? Is WordPress the platform of your choice? If so, there are some WordPress best practices you should always follow.

First things first: getting your design groove on does matter. This is particularly important if you’re working on your own, as many clients will expect you to make tough design choices for them in addition to the functionality choices that back it up. Great code means nothing without great design to go with it.

Fortunately, upping your design game is not as hard as you may think. As long as you follow these 5 WordPress development best practices for your website in Watauga, TX, you should be just fine.

1. Responsive Design for Websites in Watauga, TX

Many developers in Watauga, TX have their own definitions of responsive design. For us, this means your website’s ability to adjust to different devices. These days, users simply expect their websites to display flawlessly across all platforms.

Now, creating a seamless experience like that can involve a lot of testing. Still, this design element is crucial. In case you haven’t heard, we’re living in a mobile-first world now!

2. Use of White Space

Being informative is never a bad thing. That said, web developers can go a bit overboard trying to fill their websites with information. After all, many developers tend to appreciate efficiency over aesthetics.

Unfortunately, that approach can lead to a website that’s a nightmare to navigate. If you want to highlight the most important information, make good use of white space. Plus, this should make your website look a bit sleeker.

3. Simple Forms

Forms are a chore, but there’s no better way for users to interact with your website. That’s why they’re used for all kinds of things, from registration to password recovery.

In other words, you should put in some extra effort into making your forms more usable. This is where your skills as a developer come in handy. Most designers will shy away from these technical issues, but you should feel right at home.

4. Accessible Content in Watauga, TX

These days, users don’t need much time to decide whether to stay on a website or not. More often than not, it will be your job to make them stick around as much as possible.

What does that mean when applied to web design and development? Simple: label everything clearly and make the navigation intuitive. Your layout choices and search options play a very important role here.

5. The Big Picture

Up to this point, we’ve covered some of the most prevalent design trends to keep in mind for WordPress best practices. In WordPress design, though, it’s usually the little details that matter most. That includes things like fonts, colors, 404 pages, widgets, and more.

In isolation, each of these design elements doesn’t amount to much. However, it’s easy to forget that they’re meant to form a cohesive whole. If they complement each other, users will instinctively recognize that as good design.

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Focusing on these 5 tips should help improve your design literacy. As an added bonus, you’ll also expand your marketable skill set.

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