5 Ways Video Can Increase Your Company’s SEO Value

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There are over 1.5 BILLION active websites today.

What if you’re starting from the ground up? What if you haven’t been around since the dawn of the web? How can you get seen in this massive sea of the internet?

You need to improve your company’s SEO. Today we’ll cover how video and YouTube add to your company’s SEO value.

YouTube Is the Second Biggest Search Engine

Even though it’s usually considered a social media site, YouTube is also the second biggest search engine worldwide. People turn straight to YouTube to help them solve their problems. So when you neglect to cater to YouTube, you neglect a massive group of people.

By adding videos to your company’s marketing, you can engage a massive, active, engaged audience.

SERPS Include Videos

Have you ever Googled something and the first result isn’t a webpage, but a video? This is becoming increasingly common. This is often the case for topics like how-tos, or content that’s visually engaging.

By incorporating videos into your SEO plan, you can take advantage of this new real estate. Videos give Google one more option to rank you first.

Add Value to Your Existing Pages

Some things are hard to explain with words. Other things are confusing even when they’re elegantly explained.

But a video simplifies these concepts. You can embed videos directly into your existing content. This helps clarify hard to explain topics and adds value and understanding for your audience.

Video also has extra SEO benefits by increasing a viewer’s time on the page. We’ll go into that next.

Increase On-Page Time

Time on-page is a factor Google uses to determine a page’s quality. The idea is if people spend a lot of time on a web page, it must be a high-quality page. But if people bounce back right away, there’s nothing of value there.

When you add a video or other multimedia file embedded in your content, it keeps viewers on the page for a longer amount of time. This makes your site appear useful and high quality to visitors and search engines alike.

Engage More Users

Not every user wants to sit and read long-form content, even if it’s helpful. Some would enjoy listening to it or get the clarification that comes from a video.

When you add videos to your content, more and more people can enjoy your content through your videos. This will help you grow your audience and prove to Google that you’re a reputable, engaging resource.

Videos Will Help Boost Your Company’s SEO Value

Incorporate videos into your digital marketing plan to boost your company’s SEO value.

Videos help you take advantage of major search engines like Google and YouTube. They engage your customers and add value to your existing pages.

But video is just one part of SEO. Check out these 7 SEO benefits to help your business grow.

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